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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gawkers, Go Home!

I was excited last week when I found the 10th Ave Bridge was opening up again--it would make getting around town much easier. My excitement quickly faded after I drove across it. It is now gawker central. I understand that some people might need to see the bridge first hand, but it doesn't seem to me like these are the people that come out to the 10th Ave. Bridge. It's the people with their video cameras and cameras taking pictures and video of the reckage. It is also very apparent that these people are bussed in from the burbs and aren't simply walking across the bridge to get to their destinations. It's turned into this giant super circus. There were a couple hundred people crammed on there on Labor Day. All they need to do is add a Pronto Pup cart and it could be like the State Fair. To me, it just seems sort of rude and inconsiderate to the victims and their families. Do we really need to come stare at the mess? I still don't like looking at ruins. It freaks me out. It scares me. To see people skipping over to the bridge is so nauseating.

The traffic is horrible on the bridge, too. The other day the car in front of me stopped (without giving me any notice) just to look at the ruins of the 35W bridge. I easily could've been in an accident. I laid on my horn. This didn't stop the people, they kept stopping all the way across the bridge. And I continued to honk on my horn. It really makes my drive to work a road rage filled drive.

I am hoping that the novelty wears off very,very soon.

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