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Monday, September 17, 2007

Vera Wang Fashions for All

Over the weekend, I went to Kohl's to check out Vera Wang's Simply Vera Collection. It's a great collection, but of course Kohl's had to find a way to make it look cheap. My main complaint is how the merchandise was displayed. If I was running the show, there would've been stricter guidelines as to where and how the products were displayed. Her clothes were wedged in next to the Daisy Fuentes Hoochie collection that was on clearance. Not exactly where Vera belongs. The shoes were the worst: just thrown with the rest of the shoes with a little display. The signage and posters needed to be bigger, better, and more Vera. The signs just looked Kohl's. I think it needed to be more glam, sophisticated, and classier. I know this costs a lot of money, but they needed special fixtures that said classy Vera, not leftover Kohl's shelves. A build up of mannequins in the front, and a big flashy sign would've been a nice touch.

I know that the average Kohl's customer doesn't care about things like this, but little things like this make a difference. I had to walk through a big chunk of the shoe department just to find her stuff. You should walk into the department and instantly see her collection. Vera Wang is a wonderful designer that deserves a more sophisticated presentation.

Despite the less than stellar presentation, the Vera Wang collection is worth checking out. Although, the sizes were picked over in the clothes.


Anonymous said...

it's kohl's not Neiman's. That's why you're paying less. If you want to pay more for the "presentation" there are plenty of department stores doing that. And if you ask me, the Daisy Fuentes collection looks classier, is sexier, and more glam than Vera's. I know she's a high end designer, but her stuff only looks good on models.

Michelle said...

Yeah, but I still feel that presentation is key where ever you're shopping. There's got to be a way for the customer to diferentiate between the Daisy Fuentes clothing from Vera Wang. A smarter presentation could help with this. It should flow, too. Vera had a lot of nice items that every woman could wear-- a beautiful silk cardigan, shells, super cute dresses and a cute coat. The Vera Wang collection uses such nice fabrics. Daisy has the cheap fabrics--poly blends....ew.