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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The MS Read-a-thon

I have to admit, I picked up a horrible habit in college: speed reading through books. I don't know how to simply read at a leisurely pace. I still whip through books at lightening speed and in the process do not enjoy the book and at times miss important details. It's a habit I am determined to break. Back in college, this was almost a necessity. I took full course loads of 16-18 credits every semester and being an English major meant crazy amounts of reading. It wasn't uncommon for me to read 150 pages a night for one class. I forgot to mention that I am and always will be a big procrastinator. That probably didn't help. After college, I had a hard time reading for enjoyment. It took me about three years to actually read for fun. Then, I started Grad. school and the speed reading started up again. I have a hard time doing book clubs because I slip back into my old mode of speed reading and procrastinating. It's time to break the cycle. No one cares that I can read a three hundred page book in two days. I am not eight years old reading eight books a month for Book-IT (I had to get my cheese personal pan pizza!) I am not participating in a summer reading program where I read 120 books in a summer (true story). I am going to stop this. I'd like to read for fun and take my time. It isn't the MS Read-a-thon. With that in mind, I am starting my own summer book club a la Oprah. First up, A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving.

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