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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hooray for Diablo!

I am so excited for Diablo Cody for her Oscar nominations for "Juno." Especially the one for best original screenplay. That is such a huge accomplishment for a first time screenwriter. It really inspires me with my own writing.

I only wish that the Diablo haters would stop with their hatin'. So what if Diablo isn't really "from" Minneapolis. This is the city where she found her creative stride and really became a writer. How many of them wrote a screenplay in two months? It makes me wonder how many of the haters really are true Minnesotans. Probably not a lot. My guess is they're from the Dakotas or Iowa. I am not a true Minnesotan, either. I grew up in the 'burbs of Chicago and Milwaukee, but I do get excited when a resident of Minnesota does something cool. This is just further proof of the love that Minnesotans have for outsiders. Diablo rocks. She's a great example of a good old American success story. So haters, stop your hatin' and be happy for someone outside of your small social circle and show some love.

Ok. I am done ranting. Congrats Diablo!


The Cheap Chick said...

I agree, don't hate on Diablo! She is an inspiration to me and a ton of other writers/bloggers/perhaps-even-former-strippers out there.

Thank you Michelle for the birthday shout out, and you simply MUST try Mr. HotShine in CH. I still can't believe the price for a carwash.

Michelle said...

I'll check out Mr. HotShine once it warms up. My poor, poor car needs a bath.