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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Advice for Blake Lewis

After watching Blake Lewis perform last night on FOX's rip-off of Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve, I have decided that he really, really, really needs some help. He seemed like he had such a promising career ahead of him while he was on Idol, but now it looks like the begining of the end. Which is sad. He's a talented performer who seems a bit confused. Here's my list of things he needs to work on:

1. Pick a genre and stick with it. The song he performed last night had quite the multiple personalities. He went from pop to blues to rock to hip-hop in three minutes. YIKES. It was all over the place. If you're going to do something like that, it needs to work with the song and transition nicely from one genre to another. I would rather listen to an album of Maroon 5 covers than listen to him cover multiple genres in one song.

2. Stop with the beat-boxing. Or cut back on it. Seriously, too much beat-boxing is a bad thing. The song, "How Many Words" is such a good pop song that is ruined by the beat-boxing solo. I know that's what made him unique, but it has really gotten old.

3. Hire a Stylist. I am not being mean, but he looked so much cuter and more put together when he was on "Idol." Last night he was wearing some ill-fitting jeans, a black shirt, a grey hooded sweater, and a plaid scarf. Not horrible, but it didn't work with his body type. The scarf added a good 15 pounds. He should be dressed in a solid colors with bright colored accents. Or something a bit quirkier. His hair really shouldn't be spiky. It just looks silly. Way too totally teen. He needs something slightly edgier like an asymmetrical wedge cut. And no more clunky skater sneakers. Ewww...

I should seriously be a music producer. Or at least a stylist.

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