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Friday, July 20, 2007

Make the Construction Stop!

I don't know how much longer I can take the constant construction all over Minneapolis. It is driving me nuts. I would really like to have my usual two options of how I want to go to work, instead of being forced to take the side streets since 35W is ripped up. Not that I don't enjoy taking the side streets everywhere I go, but I like to have options. Construction on its own isn't so bad, but I don't like it when it causes traffic jams at 9:30 at night. Like tonight. It was horrible. I almost needed some anger management classes after dealing with the traffic and the dumb drivers. My trip home was 45 minutes, instead of 20. Oh, Minneapolis, I wish you had a better public transportation system.

And I am going to stop blogging about this right now before I sound even more like a crabby old lady. At least I haven't taken an active interest in the Weather Channel.


Catherine Weber said...

Be thankful you don't look out your (second story) window to make eye contact with the construction workers! (I can't wait until "bosnia" is all done!)

Michelle said...

I think I would take that anyday over having to drive out of my way just to get home. Ugh...and the idiotic drivers.

Catherine Weber said...

bosnia has come in handy in lease renegotiation . . . they want to raise my rent, but I'm politely protesting, due to the construction (among other things!) Perhaps one good thing will come from months of being woken up at 7 am, 5 days a week? Here's hoping!

Michelle said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed!