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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So Exciting!

Today I finally arrived at the party: I bought myself an iPod. Woo-hoo. I must admit that's pretty cool. So very slick. I am so excited to download podcasts onto my iPod. And it appeals to my randomness. My musical tastes range from Bob Dylan to Mary J. Blige to Oasis to the Dixie Chicks to Radiohead. And pretty much everything in between. Except for the crappy stuff. The shuffle feature was made for me.

It was family day at the iPod store. I was so focused on buying my iPod that I almost didn't notice the herds of children drooling and banging around on the iPhones and iPods. Seriously, people get a grip on your offspring, or keep them at home. I also wondered why there were so many people in there at two in the afternoon. Doesn't anyone work? Although, now that I have an iPod, I can go run errands and not have to listen/ deal with the rest of society. Yay for technology. I can go around in my own personal bubble of good music! I heart technology.


Honey Bunny said...

i think i'm one of the lone few who shunned the iPod for the Creative Zen. i love it. i can watch movies on it, which is the bestest part of all :) glad you like your iPod! i heart technology, too.

ps) i dig your blog!

Michelle said...

Thanks. Glad you like my blog. My cousin has a Creative Zen... I forgot all about those, I was so focused on the iPod. Yay for watching movies on it! :)