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Friday, February 8, 2008

I Love a Good Deal

The other day I got my eyes checked. My perscription changed sightly, so I got to pick out new glasses. Hooray! I heart glasses. I've been wearing them for more than half of my life. Although, I hated them as a kid, as an adult they are pretty cool. Plus, there's the minor detail that I could never, ever put a contact in my eye. Not even if someone tied me down and put them in my eyes for me. I have eye issues. I ran into a tree when I was three (don't ask; long story) and got seven stitches right above my eye. I haven't been the same about my eyes since.

Anyways, back to the new glasses. I looked at a major national big box glasses emporium and was shocked at the prices. They used to have a really nice selection of moderately priced frames. Not anymore. It's all high-end designer frames. Seriously, who needs Versace, D&G or Burberry frames? I don't. Ralph Lauren? Enticing, but no. The frames alone ranged from $200-$300. Just for the frames. YIKES! By the time you've tacked on the anti glare coating, scratch resistant coating, etc. the purchase would be around $500 dollars. They did have two rows of "cheap" frames, but they looked really cheap. I politely exited. I went to JCP optical. I found two super cute frames for less than the price of one pair of glasses at the big box retailer. I love a good deal. I would much rather have two pairs than one pair of Burberry glasses. I saved over $300 on two pairs of glasses. Woo hoo! The lesson learned here is to shop around. Check out JCP and Target, they have much better deals.


The Cheap Chick said...

As a fellow lover-of-a-good-deal, I'm psyched you got a good deal. I wear contacts myself, so I was thinking about giving 1-800-contacts a try. However, I will definitely check out Penney's and Target first.

Thanks for the tip!

Michelle said...

Penney's does offer a good deal on contacts...one of my friends gets his contacts there and if I recall they are fairly inexpensive.

Nicole said...

I like good deals as well. I've gotten Sunglasses from Target before and loved them just as much as my Betsey Johnson ones (bought from TJ Maxx). However, like carrying a designer handbag, you do get a different feeling when you put on some Versace shades, which I also (admittedly) own.

To each her own, I suppose. But regardless, it's always nice to get a good buy!