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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Microwave and Rudeness

I forgot to mention that I sold my microwave the other day. It's sort of hard to adjust to life without a microwave. I'm not totally dependent on my microwave, but it really helps cut down on time spent cooking. I'm not one of those people that only cooks with their micro. I mainly use it for heating up leftovers or making frozen dinners. I've been taking things to work that I need to heat up and eating sandwiches at home. It works. I still have a stove.

The Furniture Liquidation is going well, but I have noticed a lack of manners by people responding to my ads. This has happened several times. I get really excited that someone has responded and really seems interested in my stuff. I respond back to set up a time to come take a look at it. The person on the other end NEVER RESPONDS! How rude! Is it really that hard to reply and say you don't want it? Since encountering this, I've been using a different strategy. I respond to everyone and the person who actually follows through gets the item. That strategy works best.


Anonymous said...

I think your strategy is sound, and more effective than thwapping the people who don't follow up.

Michelle said...

Glad you agree. Although, thwapping people would be fun. :)