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Monday, April 2, 2007

Odd Dream

Last night I had the most disturbing dream. My car was stolen and I was bribed by some really odd guys for a large sum of money if I didn't call the police. They assured me they could get my car back. I think I took the bribe. Then, I found out something extremely horrible happened to a friend. All of this took place at a party in a community auditorium in some odd city. The worst part was waking up and thinking it was real. I had to look outside to make sure my car was still there. I'm blaming the dream on my allergy medicine. It put me into an almost coma like sleep.

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Catherine Weber said...

Ann told me you started a blogger site! Here I am, to see what you're up to. :) Hello Michelle! More later!
(P.S. I'm VERY tired right now -- if my comment is a little silly, I sorry! Off to take a nap.)