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Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday Fun

Yesterday Christine and I did a little thrifting. But before I get to the shopping, a public service message about carpooling. Something I would like to call: " Carpooling: It's Not Just For Work Anymore." This was inspired by Catherine's Earth Day post. It just seems like it is such a simple thing that everyone can and should be doing. Why should two or three or four people drive in separate cars to one location? Not only do you waste gas and cause undo wear and tear to your car, it isn't pratical for everyone to drive separately to one location. It isn't logical. Yes, it takes careful planning, but it is totally worth it. I have found that it is the most effective when everyone meets at a central location and figures out who will drive from there. And to be fair, it is important to alternate who drives, so one person isn't stuck with all the driving. This is something that could be adapted to a variety of situations including going grocery shopping and attending a sporting event.

Anyways, onto the thrifting. We went to the Sun Ray shopping center in Saint Paul. Our main purpose of venturing to Saint Paul was to visit the Valu Thrift store, but we discovered that there is a Turn Style Consignment Shop and a TJ Max there as well. The Valu Thrift store is massively huge (it is in the location of the old JC Penney store--and uses some of the old fixtures, as well. Hooray for recycling!). The clothing selection is ok, but the best finds are in the house wares section and the accesories. I found a pair of brand new old school Keds for $2.99. They even have the yellow and blue inside. I also found this cool Owl nic nac:
The wise old owl was a bargain at $1.91. Plus, I love that he's sitting on a stack of books. He fits in perfectly in my sun room.

Christine found a cool A&W tee shirt, a cute little stuffed alligator, and kids book for work. I would reccomend checking out Valu Thrift. I was only disappointed with the selection of costume jewerly.
Turnstyle and TJ Max were not as exciting, but it's always nice to find multiple stores in one central area. After shopping we went to back to my neighborhood and walked over to the local watering hole for some drinks with this guy:

On our way home we visited the pink Flamingo graveyard:

Poor, poor flamingos. We observed a moment of silence for the flamingos that didn't survive the winter of '07.
I think that is the most pink flamingos I have ever seen gathered in one location. There was more on the lawn, too. Very impressive.

All in all, it was a very productive day thanks to carpooling!

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