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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Gilda Radner played a little girl on "SNL" who always was doing something she shouldn't be doing like running around her bedroom. Whenever her mom asked her what she was doing she'd reply "never mind." The other day I totally had a "never mind" moment. I somehow got into my head that I wanted a Chloe purse. It was a random thought. The more I thought about it, I decided I really wanted and deserved a beautiful, leather Chloe purse. A Chloe purse is sort of fun, yet timeless and classic. The Chloe website only had pictures no prices, which lead to me using my imagination and guessing what the purse cost. I'm a good shopper, I have to be close. Wrong! I pegged the one I liked at $300. After doing more research, I discovered that it cost $2000. Never mind. No Chloe purse for me. Seriously, I should know better. I am, however, going to look for them at thrift stores. You never know.

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