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Friday, June 12, 2009


Recently I've noticed that I've turned in a klutz. My body has become my enemy. I trip over everything and I drop things. I feel like a teenager who has just experienced a growth spurt and doesn't know how to work their limbs. I don't recall being like this as a kid. I've always been told I'm well-coordinated. I played sports and never looked like Gumby. It's strange. I started to notice my new found klutziness while trying to be quiet when my roommate is sleeping. I either drop something, trip, or just generally make more noise than if I just did something normal. The pinnacle of my klutziness happened this past weekend. I managed to trip in the middle of a crosswalk. Let's start at the beginning. My friend sprinted across the street to catch the bus, I started running after him. I was wearing slip on Keds. I must always be fashionable. My shoe flew off my foot and I tripped on the shoe and fell down on the street. In front of an audience. A girl ran over and helped me up. I hobbled across the street to meet up with my friend. I managed to scrape up my knee, bruise my leg, rip a hole in my jeans, and scrape up my elbow. Ok, so maybe I was a little intoxicated, but still. I am a total Klutz. I'm learning to embrace my klutziness. It's the only thing I can do.

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