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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Creative Zone

I've been lacking a creative zone, so to speak. I didn't have a space to write, plan ideas, and read. It was really starting to affect my creativity. I've always been sort of random with my writing, but the older I get the more I see that I need to have a separate area to do nothing but write. I just can't haul ass to my local coffee shop and expect magic to happen, nor expect inspiration to hit me in the shower. Seriously, who was I kidding? With the prodding from my friend Steve, I created the perfect creative zone in my kitchen. As you can see, there's tons of room for spreading out papers or putting ideas on the wall above the table. For inspiration, I have my all-time favorite memoirs:

  • Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

  • Candy Girl by Diablo Cody

  • Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster

  • I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley

I also have tons of paper, pens, and markers. Plus, the bible of creativity, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. If you've lost your creative spirit, this is the book to get you back on track. It is amazing. I am all set. C'mon creativity, hit me! I feel much better already.


Tiffany said...

Rock on creative space! I also like to spread all of my papers and whatnot out and around my workspace, so I totally see where that table will help. Hopefully the inspiration will strike!

Michelle said...

Just sitting at the table is inspiration enough! Glad you understand my need to spread everything out.