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Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings Time= Ugh

I am not a big fan of Daylight Savings Time. I know, I know, we're doing it for those poor kids in Indiana who had to wait for the school bus in the dark. The horror. I do enjoy having it be lighter longer, but it is really hard for my body to get used to it. This phenomenon started a couple of years ago. It must be a side effect of getting old. It seriously takes me a week to get used to DLST. This morning I woke up and felt like crap. I felt like I'd been up late drinking and was horribly hungover. Except, I went to bed early and haven't had any alcohol in days. After a cup of coffee, the pseudo-hangover effect went away, but I still feel like I'm running in my own time zone.

The weird thing is I don't really get jet-lagged when I fly. Granted, I've never left the US, but whenever I end up in the Eastern time zone, I never have a problem adjusting. I have a feeling that my DLST adjustment is psychological. There I said it. This year, I am doing my best to trick myself into not thinking about DLST. It worked yesterday when I had to work at 8 am, after working until 12 am, the night before. Yesterday, I didn't even think about the fact that I was getting up at 5 am instead of 6 am. That actually helped. I was a bit tired and crabby at work, but it really helped in my survival.

At least spring seems to be lurking right around the corner. It's supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow. Woo-hoo! For us Minnesotans, that means a heat wave! Break out the shorts. I am really looking forward to wearing spring jackets. I am tired of my winter coats.


The Cheap Chick said...

You know, I hate it, too. I've NEVER been able to adjust properly to the time change. It takes me about a week to get back to normal.

And I can't get excited about the 40 degree weather, either. I want it to be 75, sunny, and California. Okay, perhaps that is too tall of an order. And perhaps I should stop being a cranky-pants and get over myself.

But this has been a LONG winter. Sigh.

Michelle said...

I don't think you're being a cranky pants. This has been a horribly long yucky winter.

Glad to know someone else has the same problem I do with DLST.