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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oprah Says Jump Off a Cliff

It really amazes me how women are so brainwashed by Oprah. Seriously. Oprah could tell women to rub dog poop on their faces to look younger and everyone would. There's something about Oprah that makes her the expert on everything. If Oprah has UGGS and a Juicy tracksuit, then I should too! Oprah loves Beloved. It's my favorite book, too! Oprah endorses Obama, I like him too! I just don't get it. I used to think it was just stupid women who live in the backhills of Arkansas, but smart women buy into Oprah, too. Maybe because I like to think for myself or I see through Oprah's act, but this doesn't work on me. I am also highly cynical and can see through her marketing ploys.

The other day, while checking out the sales section in the shoe department at Kohl's, I saw Oprah's power in action. I I overheard a middle-aged women say, " I really should get these leopard print flats. Oprah says that every woman needs a pair of leopard print flats." I was so shocked, that I had to look around the aisle to see if this was true. It was real. Her friend agreed and she bought the shoes. Wow. That's brainwashing. I knew Oprah was powerful, but to see it in action in suburban Minnesota solidified the power of Oprah on women. To clarify, there's a big difference between seeing something on television and wanting it because you like it than buying something because Oprah said you need them. I'd much rather hear someone say, "oh, I should get these leopard print shoes; they're really fun" than "Oprah told me to buy these."

The influence of celebrity scares me. Women should be thinking for themselves, not doing things because they come with Oprah's seal of approval. What will women do because Oprah does it? How far will they go? Will they go get a trainer, a cook, and a huge condo because Oprah has these things? Will people buy 10 Juicy track suits because Oprah has them? Would you jump off a cliff because Oprah says it's OK? Not me. I'm thinking for myself.


The Cheap Chick said...

The worst? Is her "favorite things" show. She used to talk about stuff that normal women can afford, like Spanx and fake boob inserts (chicken cutlets).

Now it's all about cashmere and electronic gadgets and $30 cookies. WTF? What happened to representing the regular woman?

Sadly, though, I still quote her medical shows on my blog. Her influence is so strong, it's hard to shake.

Michelle said...

Her "Favorite Things" show drives me nuts! I cannot handle it. I agree it used to be practical stuff that any woman could afford.

Her medical shows are pretty interesting. I find myself getting sucked into those.