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Friday, March 21, 2008

Go Away Winter!

I thought I was done dressing like Marge Gunderson a la "Fargo" apparently it's not quite time to put away my parka and my winter boots. Seriously, I am done with winter! No more. I guess it's not really that bad because the snow won't stick around. Today was the last straw having to shovel snow. It's just a pain to keep switching from winter coat to spring coat to parka in the course of a week. I do realize that it is Minnesota and it can pretty much snow until Memorial Day; I'd just like to enjoy spring for a change.

While I was outside shoveling the sidewalk, a man was attempting to plow the streets/ sidewalk, but was having a horrible time maneuvering the truck (he kept having to backing up, inching forward, repeat several times move). I sort of felt bad for him, until I got a little closer. He was having a conversation on his cell phone. Seriously. If you're going to be plowing anything, perhaps it would be easier to not talk on your phone. Duh. It did make me chuckle.

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