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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Captain Obvi

I don't watch Larry King very often. and I don't think I'll be watching him anytime soon. I watched him on Friday only because he had the top 10 finalists of Idol on his show. He's horrible. Such awful interviewing skills. He asked the worst, most obvious questions, like, "Blake, what color is Jordin's top?" and "Phil, what's your name?" Ugh. He's pretty rude and not very nice to his subjects. I was really shocked. He's supposed to be this great journalist but a monkey could ask better questions than Larry King. Maybe back in the day he was good, but now he's just pretty lame.


Anonymous said...

I watched him interview Dr. Jack Kevourkian the other night. I myself haven't watched him for a long time. He also needs a little more enthusiasm!

Michelle said...

It must be the lack of enthusiasism that makes him seem mean.