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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Please Go Back in the Closet

Yesterday I was watching MTV and I saw an ad for R. Kelly's new DVD "Stuck in the Closet: the Next Chapters." I am not making this up. I thought it was a joke or something, 'cause why would there be more chapters of possibly the worst song ever made. The ad made it seem like it was a parody a la SNL or Mad TV. Alas, it's not a joke, it's coming out on DVD soon. And you can buy it at Target. Why R. Kelly, why? "Stuck in the Closet" has to be the most annoying and longest song ever made. It goes on forever. And pretty much makes no sense. I love the line: "I'm stuck in the closet, got no phone in the closet." It's really funny to watch R. Kelly perform it like he's doing Macbeth. Not to mention it came out around 2005, I am sure that no one cares about R. Kelly being stuck in the closet. I'd like to meet the genius record executive who thought this was a good idea. Perhaps it's a way for R. Kelly to make some money to pay for all of his legal fees. Just a thought. If only he could stay trapped in the closet.

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