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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

They're Baaaack!

I have blogged about this before, but the Goodwill radio ads are back and more annoying than ever. My least favorite is the one with a guy and girl talking about her jeans at a party. The guy tries to guess the finish of her jeans until she becomes so ticked off she yells, "They're just jeans. I got 'em at Goodwill." YUCK. I just don't get it. It's Goodwill. Everyone knows about Goodwill. Word of mouth should be their form of advertising. They don't need to spend money on these cheesy ads, just to get people in the door. Maybe getting better merchandise in the stores would be better than spending money on ads. The last couple of Goodwills I've been in, have been less than impressive. One had Target Dollar bin stuff and the other had a really poor selection of clothing. I am hoping that after back to school the ads will stop.

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