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Friday, May 2, 2008

Vampire Weekend and Sunglasses

The other day I finally bought the Vampire Weekend CD, Vampire Weekend. It is my new favorite CD. I love the happy and poppy sound of all the songs. It's the perfect spring/ summer CD. Especially here in Minnesota, where spring seems like months away. Vampire Weekend sort of reminds me of Bloc Party, with a slightly retro 60's feel. They are amazing. It is one of the few CDs that I've bought recently where I actually like the entire CD. The best part is Vampire Weekend ended my month long Radiohead Fest. I had Ok Computer and The Bends on autorepeat with a bit of In Rainbows thrown in for good measure. That's way too much Radiohead for one person. Trust me. Shockingly, my mood is better now.

I finally bought myself a pair of prescription sunglasses. Part of it was the cost and part of it was my general laziness. Plus, I didn't realize that you could actually get fun, trendy, cute frames. I recall when I was little and my parents wanted me to have prescription sunglasses and they had an old pair of my glasses turned into sunglasses with the old prescription in them. Looking back, I applaud my parents' frugalness, but for a teen, that's the kiss of death. I hated the frames and wearing an old prescription gave me a headache. I went to the Target Optical center in my neighborhood Super Target. I was so surprised at the selection of frames for glasses and sunglasses. Very fashion forward. Plus, the employees let you browse. I was shocked. I hate how at the Big Box Optical Centers, they pounce on you and won't let go. I usually have an idea of what I want and don't need someone else forcing their opinions on me. I ended up with a fun pair of Nicole Miller frames that are very 80s. Plus, they have a classic quality about them. I didn't want to buy a pair of uber trendy Olsen twin sunglasses that would be ugly next year. In the world of eyeglasses, it is impossible to find frames and lens for under $300. Not the case at Target. So excited.


Sunglasses Guy said...

Selection for prescription glasses are really excellent these days, but you still have to foot a huge bill, especially if you are buying something like Oakley's.

If you like Vampire Weekend, and that summer kind of sound, you should check out El Guincho. It's a mix of Spanish, African and psychedelic warmth. You'll like it.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check out El Guincho they sound cool.

Aviator Sunglasses said...

It's really hard to find a place to buy prescription sunglasses. I have also bought my prescription eyewear recently and very pleased with them.