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Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is My Confession...

Ok, ok. I've been hiding this secret for far too long. Granted, it's not as exciting as Usher's confession... but it has potential for causing people's jaws to drop. Here it goes: I am not a fan of "Sex and the City" and I don't get it. I know, I know. Everyone on the planet loves the show and has already seen the movie. It's probably a crime to not like it. I have only seen a couple of episodes and I really couldn't get into it. When the show premiered, I was in college and my cynicism and non conformist attitudes were through the roof (I've really mellowed in my old age). I was pretty much the Daria of my social group. I even wore a green army style shirt with my Doc Martens boots. I found SJP really, really, really annoying and I hated her little voice-overs. The cynic in me couldn't believe that she was really a writer. Now, ten years later with the release of the movie, I am finding it slightly embarrassing to not be able to partake in conversations with people about SATC. I am sort of wondering what I missed out on. It seems like everyone watched it. It's the universal show for women, young and old alike. And the fashions. If nothing else, that would've sucked me in. Although, ten years ago, I didn't really have a sophisticated sense of style myself, but I still appreciated crazy outlandish clothing. Heck, I still liked to wear overalls out in public ( I've stopped that and encourage others to do the same).

I feel like I am caving to peer pressure. I am super curious and might go see the movie. I never cave to peer pressure. I think it's a curiousity about the hype.

So, there's my confession. I feel better. Hopefully, Usher felt better, too with his confession. His was huge: he had a baby by another woman and she's keeping it. That is so major.


The Cheap Chick said...

I promise, it doesn't make you a bad person to not enjoy SATC! I never have gotten into the following:
Desparate Housewives
American Idol
and John Mayer. Seriously, who think's he is talented, anyway?

Michelle said...

Aww... thanks for making me feel better! The only show on your list I've gotten into is AI. The rest I abhor! Especially Grey's. And John Mayer? He's pretty yucky. I used to like him when he first came out, now I just think he's a man-whore.

Jess said...

I don't think I've ever seen a single episode of SATC. Don't care to because I don't get it, either.

Really anything that could be considered a "chick" show like Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives ... they just have zero appeal to me. I'm a poor excuse for a woman, I guess. Actually, I would agree completely with The Cheap Chick's list. John Mayer is a good guitar player, though. Sure, he puts out shit music and is kind of a tool. But he can play some bitchin' guitar.

Michelle said...


I'm a poor excuse for a woman,too! :) Woo-hoo. We should start a club. Yeah, John Mayer is a great guitar player. I will give him that.