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Monday, June 16, 2008

I Gots the Skillz to Pay the Billz

My Dad's latest kick is that I need to have a "career" and not a "job." Actually, he's been on his "Career" vs. a "Job" soapbox for six months now. A "career" is something that provides you with adult-benefits like a 401K, paid vacation days, and the opportunity to stay with the company until the day you die. A "job" might have some of those adult-benefits, but it's just a job. More than likely you can't stay with your "job" until the day you die. Or if you do, you'd be in the same position as you started. I would like to believe that a job can turn into a career and a career can turn into a job. My theory is I am content as long as I can pay my bills and have a little left over for fun. Also, times are different. It's not 1968 where you stay with a company forever. Frankly, I don't think I could handle that. I am way too restless. In these crappy economic times, I am fortunate to have a job. My Dad means well. I just think a little bit differently than he does.

I only have two days of work at my "job" this week! Woo-hoo! I am going to Milwaukee to visit my Dad and to Chicago to see a friend and my rellies. I am so excited. I haven't taken a trip in several years. I really need a break. Thank goodness my "job" has excellent adult benefits like vacay (Ok, I'll put the sarcasm away).


The Cheap Chick said...

Holy Cow! You must be my long lost sister, because CLEARLY we have the same Dad!

Seriously, my Dad gives me endless career advice, and I'm 35, for Pete's sake. But? He loves me, and the advice is born out of that love.

That, and a deep-seated need to tell me what to do. Sigh.

Michelle said...

Wow....that is so funny that your Dad gives the same lectures! Amazing! We have to be long lost sisters! :) I agree that my Dad means well, too. It's just old.