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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just Walk Away

In honor of Father's Day, I bring you the best of the best of my Dad's lectures. First, I should share, that I my Dad lives for the lecture. When I was younger he imparted lots of good information, but as I got older I noticed that the lectures got less pertenent and more along the lines of "Are you kidding me? Do I look stupid" variety. I know he means well, but seriously pumpkin carving and fireworks safety? I'm already aware of it.

Anyways, the best lecture my Dad ever gave was during the summer of 02'. My cousin, Andrew and I road tripped from Minneapolis to Milwaukee to help my Dad clean out the basement. We were going to Summerfest (this huge music fest along the lake front in Milwaukee) with my friend, Tiff. Before we left, my Dad gave his standard safety lecture, but about half-way through, it took a weird turn. I didn't have any idea where my Dad was going. I thought he was heading towards the dangers of drugs and alcohol lecture, but he skipped right passed that. We stood clueless for a while waiting for the big message. After he rambled for a while he got to his point: if someone bumps into you or spills beer on you, JUST WALK AWAY. So simple. Wise words from Dad. It makes sense. And it can be use for a variety of situations. It was our big joke at Summerfest. To this day, my cousin and I still joke about it. My Dad's proud that one of his lectures were remembered and put to use on a daily basis.

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