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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leave Poor Miley Alone

I really feel bad for Miley Cyrus with the controversy over her photo shoot with Vanity Fair. The picture is completely in good taste. It's not slutty at all. I think it is very tasteful. I was expecting a Maxim style picture. When I saw the picture, I thought, "This is what everyone is in an uproar over?" I don't see anything wrong with it. Poor girl. She's wrapped in a sheet and is showing about 12 inches of bare back. Oh my gosh! That is so immoral! Put some clothes on her! Essentially it is the equivalent of wearing a strapless formal dress. America is in an uproar over this picture. People claim that she's not a good role model for kids or the picture is scandalous. I am so tired of all this. She didn't do anything wrong. It's an artsy, tasteful picture. It's not like she did a spread for Playboy. But, here comes the Conservative Right ready to jump in and make much ado about nothing. They've turned it into an issue of teenage girls being too grown up and skanky. I agree that that's a problem, but Miley isn't fueling it. She is a so-called role model for kids because she's on television. Out of all the people kids could look up to, I don't think she's a bad one. She strikes me as a normal kid. Parents should be using this as an opportunity to show their kids how Miley doesn't compromise her integrity and expressed herself in a tasteful manner. It's art. I am sure these are the same parents that are upset when their child sees a nude statue at an art museum.

Now poor Miley is embarrassed by her picture, which I find unfortunate. She should be proud of her picture. I think Disney brainwashed her. Not too many people get to work with Annie Leibovitz. And as a 15 year old? Even less. We're diminishing this great opportunity that Miley had. Isn't there something else to sensationalize? Maybe Mischa Barton wore an ugly outfit out in public. Or Britney tripped getting out of her car. Now, those are real stories.

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