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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Outraged at American Idol

At least once a season on "American Idol," I am left dumbfounded at who America thinks is talented. Tonight it happened again. I really don't understand what criteria people use for voting. Maybe the tone deaf and dumb voted. Seriously. The bottom two didn't deserve to be in the bottom. Carly rocked. She was herself and "Jesus Christ Superstar" fit her big voice. Syesha did a great job with a really obscure song from "Starlight Express." Little miss wannabe singer songwriter Brooke who forgot the lyrics and started over is safe. I just don't understand. That is not the person I want to be my American Idol. She caves under pressure. As someone who has performed myself,I know you don't start over. I messed up in piano recitals and I forgot lines in plays. Did I start over? Noooo... I ad-libbed or just kept right on going. That's what a real performer does.

ARGH. Now, I am officially angry. Carly didn't deserve to go. I am blaming it on conservative America. How could Carly be the next American Idol when she has a tattoo? But, Brooke. She's so cute and sweet, poor little thing was nervous and forgot her lines. America likes the vanilla contestants.

What have I learned from this? I need to vote every week. Grrr.... Yes, it is just a television show, but it makes me mad when the talented go home too soon and we're left with the boring, bland contestants like Brooke. Apparently America is too stupid to recognize talent.

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