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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Super Hack

I would like to add Timbaland to my list of people in the music industry who drive me nuts (he's in good company with Adam Levine and Nickelback). This might seem to come out of nowhere, but he has completely ruined the One Republic song, "Apologize." It is so much better without his annoying little touches. All he added to the song is a couple of beats and a "hey, hey." I am sorry but a small child without a musical background could come up with that nonsense. When the song is listed on the charts or played on the radio he receives most, if not all of the credit. It's credited as Timbaland featuring One Republic or my personal fave, simply Timbaland. Did Timbaland write the song? Noooo. Oh, but he arranged it and ruined a good song. Yes, that requires full credit. The song is great on it's own. It's a nice, poppy ballad a la Journey. It really didn't need the help of Mr. Super Producer Timbaland. Ugh. Every time I hear the original version I hear the stupid beats and the "hey, hey," they're engraved in my brain. I've been brainwashed by Timbaland. Someone help me!

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