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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Getting My Coffee Fix for Free

Wow...I was just sitting here watching television when I saw a n ad for Mc Donald's. Normally, Mc Donald's ad do not excite me, but this one did. Apparently, you can get a FREE small coffee weekdays from 5-7 am. Who knew? I am all about the free stuff. Now, that it is really early, but totally worth it if I have to work at 7 am. I'll have to check it out-- when it's not 100 degrees out and I work at 7 am. A free cup of coffee would make my day. The marketingside of my brain wonders why Mc Donald's is doing this. Are breakfast sales down? Do they think the free coffee will get people in and they'll buy other food? Whatever it is, free coffee= yum.

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