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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Maroon 5

This post is in honor of Maroon 5's show tonight at the Fine Line...

I really, really, really, cannot stand Maroon 5. Ugh. Their new song, "Makes Me Wonder" drives me up the wall. It's so adult contemporary wannabe Bee Gees lite. Not to mention that when they perform it, they're not having fun, it's like a funeral dirge. They look like they are all too cool to have fun. It's a song that's meant to not be taken seriously.

Their last album, "Songs About Jane" has got to be one of the most over played albums ever. I admit when it first came out (four years ago) I thought they were OK. I could tolerate them. I wouldn't go out of my way to see them play, but they were tolerable. That was before I heard "This Love" played over and over and over. There's something about Adam Levine's voice that makes me want to rip on my eardrums. It's too nasally and the falsetto thing is awful. Plus, he's a man whore. He has a wannabe Morrissey haircut, too. Now, if Blake Lewis wanted to record an album of nothing but Maroon 5 covers, I would be all over that. I thought that when "Makes Me Wonder" landed, it would be so much better if Blake sang it. It all comes down to Adam Levine's horrible voice. That's what makes me abhor Maroon 5 so much. Their songwriting is pretty decent, it's just that Adam's voice is so annoying. It's not like Nickelback where everything is just horrible.

I think it's just me, though. Everyone else seems to really like Maroon 5. I guess I am just a music snob.

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Anonymous said...

Snob? Far from it. I also hate Adam's voice! It's truly annoying... I hate Maroon 5