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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nancy Drew

Is it wrong that I'm really excited that the "Nancy Drew" movie comes out this Friday? I loved reading Nancy Drew books as a child. I am curious how they translate the books to the big screen. From the previews, it looks like this Nancy is a little truer to the original incarnation of Nancy. I recall this Nancy Drew/ Hardy Boys shows on the Disney Channel in the late 80's where Nancy was a bit of a hooch. She's too smart to be like that.

As a kid, I was all about being a spy myself. I secretly wished that there would be a big mystery in my neighborhood for me to solve. Alas, the suburbs are boring and that never happened. I tried to make up my own drama by creating stories about the neighbors involving UFO's and witches. Ahhh.... my poor, poor parents. I kept them on their toes. To this day, I love a good mystery a la Nancy Drew.

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