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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Hate Summer

I know, I know. It is so wrong to hate summer, but I still do. I don't like the heat and I really don't like the fashion options of summer. I am much more of a fall or spring sort of girl. I love wearing sweaters and little jackets. Not to mention, I love to layer (hence, the above picture). A long sleeve tee with a short sleeve tee over it. Throw on a scarf and I am good to go. Summer is not conducive to layering. At all. Believe me, I've tried. About all I can do is pair a tee with a tank over it and maybe a cotton scarf. That is only an option when it is below 80. Anything above that, and I can't do it. You can't wear scarves, boots, tights, leggings, leg warmers or lots of necklaces when it's 90 degrees out. I don't like to wear tank tops without a layer (either over or under it) because I sweat--- a lot---a tee shirt gives me that extra layer of protection. Also, I have the wonderful gift from my mother of broad shoulders. That adds to the fun of wearing tank tops. I look like a linebacker. Wearing a tank top means having more exposed skin to put sun screen on. As for bottoms, that's not quite as bad, I guess. I like capris and skirts. I do not like to wear shorts. I am 5'2" and shorts just make me look, well, shorter. Plus, I have yet to find shorts that aren't hoochie or come complete with room for my mom pouch.

I know I am coming off as an uber crabby summer hater, I do like the nice weather. I love to go barefoot. It's fun to spend time at the beach or playing tennis outside. Running through a sprinkler or going to the pool. Outdoor dining when it's not 90 degrees out. Beer outside. I just don't like how limited I am with my fashion choices.

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