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Friday, June 22, 2007

Wooden Teeth

Sometimes I think it would just be easier if I replaced my teeth with wooden ones. This week I had my sixth month check-up and I have three new cavities. Yes, three. Don't ask me how they magically appeared. I'm clueless. I have excellent oral hygiene skills. I brush my teeth a minimum of twice a day and I actually floss several times a day. I don't drink a lot of soda and I don't eat a lot of candy. I actually make an effort. It's not like I'm just pouring sugar and Mountain Dew into my mouth. I am blaming it on my parents and their crappy teeth. Oh, and my English ancestors. My mom always claimed that she put the dentist's children through college. She also referred the dentist as "Crocodile Dentist." I don't know how else this is possible. Yeah, I was sort of lax in dental visits in my early 20's, but I corrected that. It makes me angry. I told my Dad about this and he wanted to know what I was doing. What am I doing? Taking care of my teeth. I don't brush my teeth with sugar covered fun sticks and floss my teeth with gummy worms. Sheesh. I told him it was his fault since he has bad teeth. That didn't help the situation. Might I add that he had his 10th crown put in this week. Who's got the bad teeth now?

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