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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The King

You know what really creeps me out? The Burger King commericals featuring the King. The King is a grown man dressed up like a king and has this big plastic head with a super cheesy grin on his face. This series has been going on for at least a couple of years and features the King doing a lot of creepy things. In the latest installment he's doing this bizzare solo square dance in front of a background of the country. The ad is effective from the standpoint that I remember it's for the new BK Western Whopper. It's just so odd and bizarre. The creepiest of them all was one of the first King ads where he's standing outside of a couple's bedroom and living room windows. They just laugh it off and take the breakfast sandwiches and french toast sticks that the King offers them. If someone was outside my window dressed up as the King, I'd call the cops and he'd get a breakfast sandwich in the face. Yuck. The only one I thought was remotely non creepy was the one where the King (thanks to the magic of computers) jumps into the middle of football game in the 70's/80's. He makes an interception, scores a touchdown and does a silly touchdown dance. That was funny. The other ads leave me feeling like the King is this big creep and I don't feel like going to Burger King. Well, I normally don't go to Burger King, but the ads really make me want to avoid BK at all costs. I will give the ad agency credit, cause I always remember the ads and they are creative in a really bizarre sort of way. I don't see too many other fast food restaurants having an ad that's as remotely creative. The King just scares me.

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