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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Best Birthday Ever

Growing up, I always had such fun birthday parties. They really were nothing special. My parents were quite frugal and at the same time kept things pretty simple. I always had my birthday parties in the backyard with games and cake. That was it. But, when you're five or six that is really all that you need. I never had a fancy birthday party at Mc Donald's with Ronald Mc Donald doing tricks and Grimmace serving up cake. I don't think I ever wanted anything like that, either. I was content with pin-the-tail on the donkey, Simon says, a pinata, and tag. Looking back, my parents were brill ant. They never had to deal with the mess in the house; it was always in the backyard. All they would need is a hose and a garbage bag. The best birthday ever was the year I had a pinata. The thing was constructed so well that my Dad had to get out the wooden baseball bat to break it. He also managed to crush all the candy with his strength. My Mom made the best birthday cakes ever. I always had a white cake with white frosting and strawberry filling on the inside. Yum. It is always amazing how the simplest of things made me so happy. I am sure my memory of my birthday parties is different than my parents. I am sure someone threw up or hit someone or some kid was very annoying. But, even now, 24 years later it still seems like the perfect birthday.

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