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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun with Technology

Tonight I spent close to forty minutes on the phone with my Dad, troubleshooting a printer problem . Last night he was printing something on his computer and his printer wouldn't stop printing. He turned his computer off last night and thought that would solve the problem. It didn't. Tonight he turned his computer on and the printer fired up again. I would like to mention that his printer is over 10 years old. After walking him through several options, it finally stopped printing and I had a headache. I really don't mind helping my Dad with stuff like this, because he's not very computer savvy, but I always end up annoyed. My Dad has no patience with his computer and is not a very good listener with stuff like this ( I think this is payback for me never listening when he helped me with math). It also never helps that I am giving directions over the phone, instead of in person. What always amazes me with my Dad's lack of computer ability, is he's a smart guy. Super smart. He can fix things and has a degree in Engineering but he can't solve a computer problem. I can't do math and science to save my life, but I do know how to fix computer problems.

We did make some headway tonight: I convinced my Dad he should get a new computer AND a printer. I offered to help him shop for them the next time I was home.

My Dad did tell me that I am more helpful than the IT guy at work. I explain things in layman's terms and am patient. Woo-hoo. Score one for the girl with a Liberal Arts degree.

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